Quality magnification at an affordable price

Essential loupe at 2.5x and 3.0x magnifications will allow you to see greater detail than you ever thought possible. For all-day comfort and precision with impressive features and an image to match. Measured and custom-built in Denmark with magnifications to exacting ExamVision standards, at an affordable price.

Essential is perfect for you if you are:

  • A hygienist, looking for greater detail and comfort
  • A student, wanting to excel on your course
  • A dental professional, buying loupes for your team, or for yourself, for the first time

Isn’t Essential quite enough for you? See the more advanced ExamVision range of Galilean HDKepler Kompakt and Kepler Advanced.

2 magnifications available:
2.5x, 3.0x

Galilean HD

ExamVision Galilean HD loupes are the most comfortable loupes you will ever wear – all day, every day and recommended for first-time loupe users. Custom-made to suit not only your eyesight, but the way you work. Galilean HD optical loupes are highly compact and lightweight ensuring a wide field of view and good depth of field – which allows you freedom of movement, creating less tension in the neck and back. Our customers tell us that they love the clarity of the image, the freedom of movement they maintain, but most of all how they feel their ExamVision Galilean HD loupes improves the quality of their work, resulting in better treatment results and happier patients.

With its ultra light weight and 4 available magnifications Galilean HD is the perfect loupe for all surgical and medical procedures. Designed and manufactured by optometrists, made to measure in Denmark, and fitted by optical professionals.

Special requirements can be easily incorporated into your ExamVision Galilean HD loupes, such as specific declination for improved posture or specialist surgery. Our team will help you choose the loupe perfectly suited to your work, and can incorporate any prescription.

4 magnifications available:
2.3x, 2.8x, 3.3x, 3.8x

Kepler Kompakt

Try ExamVision Kepler Kompakt if you require high magnification from your loupe. The perfect loupe for specialist procedures, yet still comfortable enough for all-day wear. Kepler Kompakt’s ultra-compact design gives you the precision of the Kepler system combined with comfort. It has a wide field of view, crystal clear from edge to edge and can accommodate any prescription to suit your unique needs. The three available magnifications (3.5x, 4.6x and 5.7x), and the Power-Up system means your investment is safe if you need to upgrade in a couple of years.

Awarded the Red Dot Product Design Award 2014.

Available with 3 magnifications
3.5x, 4.6x, 5.7x

Kepler Advanced

Highest adjustable magnification on the market

Kepler Advanced – awarded with the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award 2019 – is the groundbreaking new adjustable loupe, arriving on the market as the world’s only loupe with 4 magnifications in 1 (3.6x, 4.5x, 5.5x and 6.4x).

With Kepler Advanced, you can switch between all four magnifications with ease and speed thanks to its Turn’N’Click system. This versatility ensures that whatever your procedure type, Kepler Advanced provides perfect precision. From diagnostics to near-microscopic magnification. With Kepler Advanced you achieve perfect sharpness of vision, while maintaining a comfortable, ergonomic position.

Advanced optical technology for all your magnification needs.
Kepler Advanced is specifically designed for experts users within the dental and medical sectors who want to upgrade to a more powerful, high-end loupe. It is intricately handmade with exclusive loupe technology and sophisticated materials.

At ExamVision we explore and master optical technologies to offer you superior solutions. Three Red Dot Design Awards are testament to this commitment to excellence. Our loupes are 100% custom-tailored for all your work and vision demands.

Enjoy the benefits that make Kepler Advanced rise above the adjustable magnification loupe market.

4 magnifications in just 1 loupe:
3.6x, 4.5x, 5.5x, 6.4x


To get the most out of your loupes, supplement your clinic lighting with bright, white shadow-free light, illuminating your field of view and the precise spot you want.

When looking for LED lights to use in dentistry or medical applications you should consider more than just aiming for maximum light intensity. Having the right light at the right spot is vital both in terms of good vision and protecting your eyes from glare and harmful light. Loupes and light are interdependent and choosing the right headlight solution is almost as vital as choosing the optimum eye loupe solution.

When choosing ExamVision as your eye loupe and light supplier, your local dealer will arrange a thorough introduction on how to get the best results. Your loupe will be customized to match your working distance, height and ergonomic needs, and you will be guided in how to attach and focus your LED headlight to achieve the maximum benefit. So, contact your local ExamVision dealer for advice and guidance when choosing both loupe and light to fit your optical needs perfectly.

In all ExamVision loupe lights, we use “neutral white” (≤5.000 to ≤6,500 Kelvin) LEDs for the most natural lighting possible. When considering LEDs with higher Kelvin (more blue light) than the ExamVision Focus™ and Essential range, remember that this means consequently higher lux (or foot candles), but it also means more unnatural light, eye strain – and risk of retinal damage.

Our precision-engineered ”Connect” system fixes the LED headlight to your loupes, sliding smoothly on and off, and maintains the light in a stable manner. A locking mechanism allows you to keep the light permanently attached to your loupe, if required.

Lux (lx) is used for measuring the light intensity or brightness of a light source. There is a general perception that the higher the lux, the better the light. But this is not the case. The maximum lux-level of most LEDs (in the centre of a light, often called hot-spot) is around 30 or 40,000 lux, often measured 20-25 cm from the LED diode. But the real challenge is to get the right quantity of light at the right place in a real working situation. Because, too much light can create glare and damage your eyesight if being exposed to it over longer working hours. Obviously, too little light is just as bad.

Lumen (lm) also indicates the total amount of light emitted from a light source, where Lux is used to measure the amount of light output in a specific area. In other words – 1 Lux is the same as 1 Lumen per square meter.
In general, a loupe light intensity around 10-20,000 lux at an average working distance of 35 cm – evenly distributed across the beam – is perfect for most dental procedures. Glare (from reflective surfaces) is reduced, protecting your eyes, and the LED headlight fitted to the loupe will, together with the normal clinic/background light, be fully adequate to achieve a good and clear vision. Medical procedures in body cavities will often require higher lux, plus a surgeon is often standing, so the working distance is longer. When purchasing an ExamVision magnifying loupe and LED light solution our experts will help you find the perfect fit taking into consideration all your professional needs.

The colour temperature is measured in Kelvin. Colours over 5,000 K are known as ‘cool’ colours, whilst colours of a lower value on the same scale are called ‘warm’ colours.

Visually, a higher value gives the appearance of ‘blueish-white’ – similar to a cold, stark, clinical setting. This has been proven to increase productivity and visual acuity, keeping you alert and focused. These colours provide the dentist or surgeon with the truest tissue colour rendition.

If you want concentrated LED loupe lighting that is perfect to work with in surgical and medical procedures and examinations, you should choose a colour temperature of “neutral white” (around ≤5.000 to ≤6,500 Kelvin) for the most natural lighting possible. When considering LEDs with higher Kelvin (more blue light), please remember that this means consequently higher lux in your LED loupe headlight, but it also means more unnatural light, eye strain – and increased risk of retinal damage from harmful UV wavelengths. For this reason all ExamVision surgical and dental loupe headlights are kept within the ≤5.000 to ≤6,500 Kelvin range.

The colour rendering value of a light source is measured in CRI (or Ra). Generally, the better you want the colours to be reproduced, the higher a colour rendering value you might choose. LED headlights used in dental and surgical loupe applications are aimed for achieving better vision and secondarily for colour matching.

However, as the tooth and the material are exposed to the same light from the LED loupe headlamp, a high CRI in the headlight is not quite as important for dental and surgical loupe work as it might be presumed. And the higher the CRI, the less efficient the light will be in terms of brightness and operating hours.


We believe that magnification and ergonomics go hand in hand

Good ergonomics are a crucial prerequisite for a long, enjoyable and healthy working life.

Magnifying ergonomic loupes from ExamVision will help you achieve improved posture, physical wellbeing and allow you to perform at your best.